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Buying from Mexico?

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Once a while, we have customers from Mexico to order our 3D printing filament. One of the common questions is: do you ship to Mexico? The short answer is: yes, we can, because we partner with America-Ship, who handles the shipping for us.  America-ship is definitely the best solution for shipping to Mexico, in terms of shipping cost, reliability and speed.

Today, I have a better suggestion for our customers.  You may obtain a free US mailing address with America-Ship directly. Once you have an US address, you can shop anywhere in the US and have your orders shipped.  America-ship will forward to you.

For more information, please visit its official website.

Free Shipping to Mexico

Jet Filament partners with America Ship to provide free shipping to Mexico. If you place orders on Jet Filament website, your shipping to Mexico is included!America Ship provides a mail forwarding service in Brownsville, Texas. For international buyers in Mexico, you can visit its website and obtain a free mailing address, which can be used for [...]

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